Bolus - Daniel Avner, Mat Keselman, Nick Karch, Kyle Grounds
Bolus is a Toronto-based rock band. The group formed in spring 2003 after its founding members, Nick Karch, Mat Keselman and Richard Frankel met at Vaughan Secondary School.¬†Adopting a progressive rock style, the band began writing and performing music, taking every opportunity to present it to concert goers in the greater Toronto area. After developing enough material for a full length record, Bolus entered Wit’s End Studios in late 2004 to record their debut album, Watch Your Step (2005).

Following a few more years of writing and performing, Richard had decided to leave the band. Nick and Mat would continue on to record the second album on their own while searching for a new bassist. They had turned to another high school friend, Daniel Avner to take on this role. Bolus released their second album, Delayed Reaction, in November 2010, to positive reception, and followed this with local live performances in support of the album. During live performances, the members of Bolus are joined by keyboardist, guitarist, and backing vocalist Kyle Grounds.

During the recording process for Delayed Reaction, it was decided that 2005’s Watch Your Step should be re-recorded, so as to improve on the original’s sonic quality, and in November 2011, Bolus released the new version of their debut.

On April 23, 2013, Bolus celebrate their 10th year as a band with the release of their third studio album, Triangulate.

Nick Karch – Guitars, Vocals
Mat Keselman – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Daniel Avner – Bass, Bass Synth Pedals, Vocals
Kyle Grounds – Keyboards, Vocals